Scholarship Applications - 2021
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Build a Brighter Future

Here at Majestic Oaks Derek Kuduk Memorial Foundation (MODKM), we are committed to creating a better community for hard-working students. Since inception the MODKM foundation has been dedicated to providing scholarships to students in need that are involved in the Majestic Oaks Community.

To apply for a MODKM scholarship for the 2021 school year, please review our eligibility requirements and submit application no later than March 15.

Applications can be submitted via email or USPS.

Email must be received by March 15 at and USPS submissions must be postmarked no later than March 15. Hand delivered application will NOT be accepted, see mailing address on form.

Wondering what the eligibility requirements are?

Step 1. Check out Eligibility Requirements

Step 2. Download the 2020 application.

Step 3. Submit via email or USPS